This study program lasts for one year - two semesters, and is evaluated with 60 ECTS. The program is designed for students who have completed four-year academic studies (240 ECTS). This study program consists of obligatory and optional courses. Through optional courses students can influence the structure of the program and thus form their academic profil as it suites them. This study program is modeled upon programs of renowned economic universities and faculties home and abroad. Master work as a part of the program aims to connect the acquired knowledge. During this course candidates can define their theme for the final master paper. The projects realized in the first and the second semester can be integrated into the final master paper. Project tasks give to students of master studies the opportunity to solve specific problems from practice through practical work and research, using scientific methods and procedures, as well as to connect basic knowledge in various fields and apply them in their work, which they will finally process in the master paper. Upon completing this study programe the candidate has the academic title master economist.

1 Methodology of scientific research 7 ESPB Obligatory course -
2 Business strategy 7 ESPB Obligatory course -
3* Modern Corporate Finance 8 ESPB Optional course -
3* E-trade and e-business 8 ESPB Optional course -
3* Financial risk management 8 ESPB Optional course -
4 Stock exchange and banking 7 ESPB Obligatory course -
5 Theories in international and development economics 7 ESPB Obligatory course -
6 Study research work 9 ESPB Research work -
7 Master-graduation paper 14 ESPB --- -