International relations and diplomacy

The second level program of master studies of International Relations and Diplomacy is a logical extension of the existing program of study at the first level studies (Law, Security), which exists at the Faculty for Business Studies and Law. This study program is modeled upon programs of renowned economic universities and faculties home and abroad. The study program consists of obligatory and optional courses. Upon completing this study program the candidate has the academic title master manager (MAS International relations and diplomacy).

1 Methodology of scientific research 7 ESPB Obligatory course Info
2 Theories of International Relations 7 ESPB Obligatory course -
3 Modern diplomacy 7 ESPB Obligatory course -
4 International Relations and Diplomacy 9 ESPB Obligatory course -
5* Modern concepts of foreign policy 8 ESPB Optional course -
5* Conflicts and Peace Strategies 8 ESPB Optional course -
6* International Economy and Sustainable Development 8 ESPB Optional course -
6* International negotiations 8 ESPB Research work -
7 Master paper 14 ESPB --- -