Law and economy

Doctoral academic studies can be entered by graduate master students from adequate study programs. Enrollment from other study programs is possible after taking differential exams as per decision of the Academic Council. Doctoral studies require making a seminar paper when applying with the doctoral thesis, a scientific paper published in a relevant professional journal and the author's participation in a scientific conference. The doctoral dissertation is the final part of the study program of doctoral studies. Upon completion of doctoral studies, the candidate has the title Doctor of Science of Law - Economics.
# Course
1. Methodology of scientific research
2. Law and economic theories
3*. Organized crime and corruption
3*. Corporate governance
4*. EU law
4*. Corporate finance management
# Course
1*. International financial and economic relations
1*. Corporate security of property and information
2. Seminar paper
3. A paper published in a relevant scientific journal
4. Author’s participation in a scientific conference
# Course
1. Doctoral Dissertation (Theoretical Bases)
2. Doctoral Dissertation (study-research work)
3. Doctoral dissertation (development and defense)