No hidden costs

Pay your tuition in installments. Paying in installments makes it possible for everyone to study. Free textbooks Textbooks, scripts, e-book and the use of the library is free of charge. Free exam application Exam application is free of charge. The number of entries is not limited. Free renewal of semesters Renewal is free of charge. It is our job to enable you to learn and pass the exams.

Every student receives a tablet computer

The Faculty for Business Studies and Law is the first faculty in the region that has accredited its Distance Learning System – DLS. Our students receive as a gift a tablet computer and the opportunity to use the latest technology for education. Modern teaching methods consist of video and audio presentations of lectures that can be reviewed as many times as it is necessary to comprehend the curriculum. Further, a number of exams is taken by using the tablets. Together, we keep up with the 21st century technology.

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