Management philosophy


The vision of the Faculty of Business Studies and Law is to achieve high quality of the study process and the quality of graduates in accordance with the principles of European and world famous colleges and universities, taking into account the undisputed fact that "ONLY THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH".

The mission of the Faculty of Business Studies and Law which we plan to further develop in an even more dynamic way in the future, is to create a recognizable faculty with international characteristics. Faculty pays special attention to the development of distance learning.

Management of the Faculty has a vision to create a distinctive institution in research, education and science in the field of business and law both at home and abroad and to prove that quality higher education does not have to be exclusively "tied" to a long tradition, but it is possible to achieve it through a younger higher education institution such as ours.

In the realization of the mission, the Faculty management philosophy is based on the following:

- High quality education of future academics, based on the principles of the Bologna Declaration and ensuring recognition of diplomas at renowned world universities;
- Abandoning the classical ‘route’ where students come to the faculty and introduction of the new approach where the Faculty comes to students;
- Effective communication with all the entities involved in the teaching process, but also with the local government, social and economic organizations and institutions, in order to achieve synergy effects;
- Ethical and socially responsible conduct in all aspects of the educational process, but also taking responsibility for sustainable social and economic development of local government, and beyond.

The realization of the above mentioned philosophy is possible with the active participation of all the elements of the teaching process, but also by creating a favorable environment for the functioning of the Faculty.

Prоf. dr Živоtа Rаdоsаvlјеvić