Security – graduate security manager, 240 ECTS. Security has become imperative. Only if all the resources are secured and safe we can reduce costs and maximize profit. Number of places for the year 2016/2017: Classical studies - 90 students.

The study program Security is designed in such a way as to contain general-education courses, courses in the field of law, security, and economics and management. Such a structure is necessary, because security problems are multidisciplinary and their resolution requires different knowledge, skills and abilities. The faculty has developed a special collaboration with the Faculty of Security in Belgorod, Russia, and with the Academy of Security, Vienna, Austria. Professors and experts from these faculties participate in the teaching process, especially in the area aof economic security, but also in defending master and doctoral thesis in this area. According to prescribed standards, certain courses are obligatory, and the others are optional (20%). Obligatory courses provide the necessary knowledge and skills, while optional courses offer contents that closely correspond to the interests and abilities of each student individually. For this study program we have engaged top experts and practitioners as professors and modelers of practical work, together with experts who have been working in security and diplomacy, the military, police, security and intelligence agencies, organizations dealing with the protection of property and persons, information, etc. The Faculty has its own or leased criminal classrooms, courtrooms and technical means. In teaching, we apply modern technical means in detecting the most complex criminal and other offenses, such as murder, robbery, smuggling, kidnapping, money laundering, cyber crime, crisis and conflict management.
# Course ESPB
1. Sociology 8
2. Law introduction 8
3. Management 8
4. English language 1 6
5. Macro economy 8
6. Basic Security 8
7. Political system 8
8. Course from optional block 1 6
French language 1
Russian language 1
# Course ESPB
1. Security systems 8
2. HR Management 8
3. Criminal Law 8
4. English language 2 6
5. Basic IT systems 8
6. International relations 8
7. Criminology with social pathology 8
8. Course from optional block 2 6
French language 2
Russian language 2
# Course ESPB
1. Corporative security 8
2. English language 3 6
3. Course from optional block 3 8
Public International Law
Privacy and Information Security
4. Course from optional block 4 8
Crisis Management
Security analysis
5. Intelligence and security services 8
6. Change and conflict management 8
7. Course from optional block 5 8
Detective work
Fundamentals of geopolitics
8. Course from optional block 6 6
French language 3
Russian language 3
# Course ESPB
1. Security Management 9
2. English language 4 6
3. Course from optional block 7 9
Security in emergences
Criminal Procedural Law
4. Course from optional block 8 6
System of environmental management
Business and Law Ethics
5. Criminalistics 9
6. Terrorism and organized crime 9
7. Professional practice 5
8. Final paper 7

You have more time for other obligations when you use the modern Distance Learning System (DLS)

For all those who are unable to study in the classical manner we have provided for accredited distance learning that fully provides the same quality of knowledge acquisition. The only difference is the freedom of choice, flexibility of time for studying, making it possible to fulfil other obligations as well. Learning through DLS provides the same level of knowledge, the same efficiency of the study and the same rank (quality) of the diplomas, as in the case of traditional (classical) modes of study.

Sistem učenja na daljinu - Distance Learning System

DLS - distance learning sytem

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