International security

This study program and teaching facilities are designed on the model of recognized universities, i.e. faculties of this kind in the country and abroad. The main objective of the study program of master academic studies is to acquire modern theoretical and practically applicable knowledge in the field of international security, as well as training of the students for independent research work and participation in team research projects. This study program allows students to select certain electoral blocks with courses that they wish to study, depending on their sphere of interests and preferences. The study program consists of obligatory and optional courses. Upon completing this study programe the candidate has the academic title master manager (MAS International Security).

1 Methodology of scientific research 7 ESPB Obligatory course -
2 Contemporary security theories 7 ESPB Obligatory course -
3 Foreign and Security Policy of the EU 7 ESPB Obligatory course -
4 SIR in international security 9 ESPB Obligatory course -
5* Modern diplomacy 8 ESPB Optional course -
5* Conflicts and peace strategies 8 ESPB Optional course -
6* Organizations of international security 8 ESPB Optional course -
6* Contemporary foreign and security policies 8 ESPB Research work -
7 Master paper 14 ESPB --- --