A word from the dean


Dear colleagues, welcome to the temple of knowledge and wisdom - Faculty for Business Studies and Law in Belgrade. Admission to college is probably one of the most important events in the life of every man. By deciding to enroll at the Faculty for Business Studies and Law you also chose a professional career that will last you for life. I hope that by enrolling at his Faculty you are making the right decision which will make your life happier, because once you choose the right profession you actually never work, it is then all fun to you. In this case, work will not make you tired, but will always make you feel refreshed.

The world of science is hard and challenging. It demands a lot, but gives out even more. Our faculty will provide you with the knowledge and skills that people need for a successful and happy life; we provide all that for those who want the highs and height. The thing that we cannot give you is wisdom. It is not acquired at the Faculty, but through life. However, education will help you to become wiser more rapidlythus becoming more successful in your personal career and business in general.

I am convinced that professors, assistants and professional services of the Faculty will serve you in the successful design of your professional future. Studying at our Faculty will allow you to acquire knowledge and skills in the economy, security, law and management in one place, according to the principles of the Bologna Declaration. In this way, you become a part of the family of European universities and faculties.

We expect the students to do things for their own good and to understand that they are not actually studying for the Faculty, but for their own lives. Unless this is understood, a diploma is worth noting because an individual does not stay in an organization because of his diploma, but because of the knowledge, skills and effects that he is able to achieve.

Therefore, start investing in your future because even the longest paths begin with the first step.

Prоf. dr Milan Rаdоsаvlјеvić,
Faculty for Business Studies and Law