First accredited distance learning system in Serbia

Faculty for Business Studies and Law has developed its own system of Distance Learning System – DLS, similar to the systems of most internationally recognized higher education institutions worldwide. In making this learning system the Faculty has implemented the experience and knowledge of the most eminent international institutions and organizations that prescribe standards and systems of quality assurance for DLS. Follow lectures from accredited DLS centres It is no longer necessary to attend lectures at the Faculty. Through IKT it is now possible to follow lectures in real time ‘live’ from accredited DLS centres in Serbia and the region. E-INDEX – it is all on computer, tablet or mobile telephone E-INDEX is the first online and android application to support students in this region. It makes the following possible:

  • Delayed following of lectures via video (MP4 format). The lecture can be reviewed several times.
  • Deferred listening of lectures in MP3 audio format. Ideal for learning in the transport and other situations.
  • Consultation with professors and lecturers.
  • Monitoring the terms of lectures.
  • Monitoring the success achieved.
  • Electronic exam application.
  • Communication with students' service.
  • Using rich content of the e-library. Textbooks, books, research and graduate papers are available in a special format.
  • Monitor of all other information relevant to students.
  • Monitoring of financial obligations.

Tablet for each student.

Every student receives a tablet computer to use during his studies.